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Canberra Retaining Walls. Stylish And Affordable Retaining Walls Built For You By Idig Landscaping Retaining Walls.

Welcome to our Canberra retaining wall site. Glad you could pay a visit. As you can see we specialise in building quality retaining walls. 

We like to think we know a thing or two about building high quality and affordable Canberra retaining walls. It’s all about designing and create a stunning, strong, reliable and affordable retaining walls. The Canberra landscape can be very undulated and although living on a near level block can happen, these types of blocks are few and far between. And that’s ok with us, as you can do amazing things with retaining walls these days on undulated areas.


As you may already notice. We are the go to Canberra retaining wall builders. We will help you dream, create and design your new retaining wall to meet your requirements and to complement the beautiful but sometime a bit fresh ACT lifestyle.

 We Can Build Any Type Of Retaining Wall To Suite Your Canberra Property.

Canberra retaining walls

Concrete Retaining Walls

If your looking for a no fussy very strong and stylish retaining wall, a concrete sleeper retaining wall might be a good option for you.

retaining walls canberra

Timber Retaining Walls

Timber retaining walls. The’re a natural option that blends in well with native plants. Something that we do very well.

retaining walls in canberra

Stone Retaining Walls

Using stone for a retaining wall adds that uniqueness to your landscaped area. We can build a number of styles.

retaining walls canberra

Block Retaining Walls

Block retaining walls can be used in a number of ways to add a difference style to any garden. Great for smaller gardens.

Other Services We Offer

We have a number of  different types of materials available for us to design your new retaining wall. We can build basically any wall. Below is an outline of the different retaining walls that we can build for you.

  • Bluestone retaining walls.
  • Rock retaining walls.
  • Stone retaining walls
  • Concrete retaining walls. Concrete retaining wall blocks. Concrete sleeper retaining walls
  • Besser block retaining walls.
  • Block retaining walls
  • Timber retaining walls

We Are Also Qualified Landscape Designers. So I’f You Need Any Other Landscaping Done With Your Retaining Wall We Can Help You Out.

Why Use Us.

We will work closely with you to service your inquiries throughout the whole stage of building your retaining wall. 

What’s the process?

First we will have a relaxed chat to get an idea as to what type of retaining wall your looking to build. Then we will evaluate your land to get an idea of what we are working with and the option we have available. We will go away and get your quote written up by working out the best price possible for the style of retaining wall your looking to build. We’ll work with you through the design process and will only move forward when your happy to do so. Remember quality retaining walls Canberra and the ACT area.