5 Top Retaining Walls That Have A Lot Of Appeal

Theses a number of reasons for wanting to build a retaining wall in your Canberra Property. But in today’s article we are going to ut that aside and take a look at 5 styles of retaining walls that not only look amazing but will all work very well in a residential or commercial environment. There’s something about standing back and admiring a newly finished retaining wall. So let’s get into it.

Timber retaining walls.

This is of course the first type of wall we’ll look at. A timber wall has a finish like no other retaining wall. And it’s probably one of the most natural looking along with a rock wall. This type of wall can be built with a number of timber finishes. And it can add a real rustic feel to your garden. It can be a good option for any DIY project where the wall is below the required council height. Just make sure the timber has been treated as you don’t want insect or termite issues down the track.

Stone or rock retaining walls

This is along with the timber wall as natural looking as you’ll get. Sandstone retaining walls along with rock walls never seem to go out of date. And they fit in well to pretty much all types of gardens and landscaped areas. Just take a look at the oldest types of building. They are crafter out of sandstone and they still look great, as well as very strong. These types of walls are very versatile. Depending on the style you go for you can create some pretty awesome walls.

Rock retaining walls especially the boulder type walls are a great way to incorporate landscaping within the wall. You not only create a natural looking retaining wall but in the process create a stunning garden as well that will only develop over time.

Brick retaining walls.

Your first thought for a retaining wall probably wouldn’t be brick. But if done right these walls can look amazing. Brick is another option for that rustic look. Or you could modernise it by rendering the wall to give it that slick finish. Rendering also gives you a few options for colour as well. Because of the type or structure needed with a brick retaining wall. We would recommend a professional retaining wall builder for this one.

Block retaining walls.

These out of all the walls are a new style of wall. These are the interlocking retaining walls that interlock with each other to give it their strength. They are one of the easier walls to build. You have a few options with style and colours.  

Concrete sleeper retaining walls.

These walls have come a long way. Gone are the days of just the plain old concrete sleepers. You have many style options and colours to make this type of retaining wall look great in your garden.

So. there’s 5 types of retaining walls you can use to make your garden area look amazing.

One of the great things we have in out advantage when it comes to building retaining walls is the fact we can help you with any other landscaping job associated with your wall. We are here to help. Get in touch if your in need or a new retaining wall and we’ll help you create your masterpiece.