Why A Bluestone Retaining Wall

A bluestone retaining wall in itself is a standout type of retaining wall. It’s a very different colours to all the other retaining walls especially other stone retaining walls. And against a natural looking landscape they stand out and look very much a part of the whole garden. So in today’s article i’d like to cover the bluestone retaining wall in a little more detail.

The bluestone is called this because the obvious. I’m sure i don’t have to spell it out. It’s a beautiful looking colour that gives your property a classy and stylish look. Especially if it’s in the front yard. It’s a look that works very well in any Canberra garden

Today I’d like to cover what I feel to be one of the nicest stones going around. The bluestone. Add that to a retaining wall and you have yourself a beautiful and classy bluestone retaining walls for your canberra property. The bluestone retaining wall has that visual appeal making it one of most popular feature style retaining walls. It’s not a stone you would likely to see as a large structural wall, and for good reason. You have other retaining wall material that works better for that type of scenario, a sleeper retaining wall would be an good example of that.

Why a Bluestone Retaining Wall For Your Canberra Property                   


Well why not. There’s a number of reasons why you might look at building a bluestone retaining wall. The most obvious would be the look. The bluestone has a unique look that stands out against a lush green lawn or a native setting.

They are a clean and fresh looking retaining wall that requires no maintenance, apart from maybe a good wash every now and then. These walls are non slip. Meaning if a little one happens to jump up, they shouldn’t slip. They offer very good drainage and can be built in minimal time. Depending on the size of course.

We are a Canberra landscaping business that specialises in building quality and affordable retaining walls. If your in need of a quote for a retaining wall, whether that’s a bluestone or any other retaining wall we can definitely help you out.