Using An Engineer For Your Retaining Wall.

One of the most often asked question when building a retaining wall is. Do i need an engineer? There’s a number of reasons why you would need an engineer and that’s what we’ll cover here.

Australian council regulations will vary from state to state. And therefore it’s important to check with your local council on the specific regulations. For example the height of a retaining wall will vary from each state. Can be confusing, hence why you need to check before you go ahead with any work. So depending on the height of the wall your looking to build, for any council approval you need to go through an engineer. There’s no way around it if you want to do things above board. It’s a process that takes a little time but is well worth it.

In a nutshell. The higher the wall the more importance on engineering. It’s pretty straight forward when you think about it. So before you go ahead and think you can do this yourself it’s important to check with your local council.

Here are some points to think about.

If the wall happens to collapse. Could it danger the property and or a person. What would you do if the wall happened to collapse and injured a life. This is not what you want. If you do things properly you are covering yourself against any worse case scenarios.

An incorrect wall build could also impact the surrounding soil and possibly properties.

The positioning of the retaining wall is also an important factor. Especially if you want to build a retaining wall on a boundary. This will bring other properties into play. Again this shows the importance of doing things the right way.

At the end of the day it’s all about using a little common sense. And this is where we can help you through the process. We have engineers we work with throughout the building process to make sure all is correct. At the end of the day. If we don’t do what’s required by the law we can all suffer.

So if your wanting to build a quality and affordable retaining wall for your Canberra property please get in touch an we’ll be happy to assist with your landscaping project.