What You Can Do To Repair Your Retaining Wall. 

Today we are going to look at what we can do when looking at repairing a retaining wall. There can be a few things you can do before you make the decision to pull your wall done down and build a complete new one. Building a new retaining wall is the last resort and often depending on how old the wall it that might be just the case. But in some cases you might be able to repair your retaining wall, depending on the damage. So that’s what we’ll be covering today.   


In some cases you won’t need to build a new retaining wall and a simple repair might just do the trick, if you know what your doing that is. Or you can call out a qualified Canberra retaining wall builder if you feel the issues is a structural one. And it might be out of your hands. Let’s take a look at what sort of retaining wall issues you can have.                           


Reasons Why You Might Need To Repair A Retaining Wall                   

The first and probably most obvious is an aging retaining wall. Now depending on what type or retaining wall we’re looking at will depend on if something can be done about it. For example. Timber retaining walls can suffer the most when it comes to aging. They can rot and even bend. Or if not treated properly can be affected by insects. If this is the case with a timber wall there’s not much that can be done apart from rebuilding. If this is the case a concrete retaining wall is often a popular choice for replacing a retaining wall. Especially if the client knows they’ll be there for a while and are not interested in the same thing happening again.

Concrete retaining walls can crack, brick and stone walls can have chips, cracks or a loose stone if we’re talking a stone wall. All types of retaining walls can get damage and have different types of issues at some point.

Then you have the more concerning issues like a leaning wall, drainage issues or even worse case scenario of a collapsed wall. This can happen after a lot of rain that has put too much pressure onto the wall.

How to repair a retaining wall. What can we do.

We’ll we have looked at the issues that can happen to a retaining wall. Now let’s take a look at how we can repair your retaining wall. You’ll already know by now if you can repair your wall yourself or you’ll need to contact a landscaper that builds and repairs Canberra retaining walls. If you feel your a bit of a handyman, below are a few things you can do to fix the problem.

What you can do for a concrete retaining wall.

Most concrete retaining wall issues are cracks, and if it’s a small crack you can definitely fix it yourself.  If the mortar has come away from the wall you can often loosen the mortar and replace it with fresh stuff.

If it’s a stone retaining wall, depending on the type of stone retaining wall you can replace the mortar.

If it’s a timber retaining wall, and if the issues is on one section of the wall you might be able to replace the wall. This one is a little tricky and will depend on the size of the wall as well.

What about structural issues.

This is where it’s probably past a minor repair. Especially if it’s a leaning wall that looks like it might fall. If it’s a small retaining wall, you might be able to rebuild it yourself. If not, we recommend getting in touch with someone like us.

In some cases your going to need a total replacement. Unfortunately some retaining walls have either been built wrong without the right structure or base in place or just had its day. We have had to rebuild  a number of retaining that have been built wrong or just had their day. Having said that if you feel your repair job is well within your skills, all the best.

But if you need a professional opinion on your retaining wall, please get in touch with us and we’ll give you what we feel to be your best options. We have been building  Canberra retaining walls for years. It’s what we do.