Retaining Walls And Swimming Pools

In this article I’d like to discuss retaining walls and pools. Whether your looking to build a house with a swimming pool, Maybe you have an established house and you need to chuck in a pool. Depending on the type of pool your going to built you might need to consider getting a retaining wall. Especially if you live on a sloping block and would like some style built into the area as well.

Retaining walls.

Retaining walls are mostly used around the home garden as well as in commercial areas. But they are also used as structure around a pool area. You have a number of options when building a retaining wall in a pool area. And if done right can look amazing. The most common materials for a pool retaining wall are.

Interlocking concrete block. These are an attractive looking style of wall that’s easy to install. These are probably the most popular walls for a pool area. These are a dry stacking block that creates an interlocking designed retaining wall. These walls can be built around any free form pool area. They also come in a number of colours sizes as well as shapes.

Natural stone or what is called a cinder block. These types of blocks are a common material used with pool retaining walls. This style of retaining walls is filled with grout and or concrete and is reinforced. The building process of this type of wall does take a little longer as the walls are build with a bit of detail. More detail, more labour costs, the upside, an amazing and beautiful finish. These natural stone walls come in a number of veneers. Popular choices are brick and natural stone.

Solid turndown slab walls. This is a type or retaining wall that is a concrete slab. It’s  poured in a way where it’s actually thicker at the base of the wall. These are very straightforward to install and can be very affordable. These walls look great when used with a stamped pattern, adding textures to the wall. They work great will any type of pool and work well alongside patios and decks

Wood retaining walls. This style of wall is probably your most budget friendly. You have a number of cost effective options that can include using second hand timber If your after a rustic look. Depending on the size of the wall and what it’s for you might need reinforcements, especially if your needing a wall to hold back a bank. Using a timber retaining wall can allow you to create a natural looking environment.

When it comes to building a pool area, a retaining wall can be an essential part of the process, especially if your pool is on a sloping yard and you need to retain a section of land. Not only that, a retaining wall can add a real unique touch to your pool area. And depending on the type of wall you use you can create a very modern or natural look.

If your in the process of building a pool, or you already have one, and you need a quote for a retaining wall please get in touch. We also do excavation with our Canberra bobcat hire serves, let us know we’ll be happy to assist you with your needs.