Who Is The Best Canberra Retaining Wall Builder For Me?

Ok. Your on the hunt for a qualified canberra retaining wall builder. You have a retaining wall to be built and you want to make sure you select the right team for the job.

Whether it’s a small retaining wall you want built or you have a large project on your hands. For your sake it’s important you get the right retaining wall builder for the job.

Not only do you have a budget you need to stick to, but you want to make sure you develop a good repor with your builder as you will be working together for a short while.

So in this article I’m going to go over a few important factors you might want to look at when selecting a retaining wall business that can fulfill your landscaping requirements. So first things first.


You Need A Solid Quote From A Qualified Canberra Retaining Wall Builder


Well that’s obvious isn’t it. Haha.

This of course is the first step. And the fact that you are reading this page also suggests to me your on the hunt already. Great news. You have found your retaining wall team. But first please read on. Getting in touch is a good start. So give us a call, We’ll be happy to come out and give you a quote. We appreciate your business.

The phone call, although its a minor thing, can give you a feel for the service they will provide. You want to lock in a time for them to come out and explain what your looking to get done. So this is a good starting point

Something to consider. A good retaining wall builder should be able to give you a solid report with a quote a day or two after the quote has been done. Now keep in mind this is just a ballpark point. It will come down to how busy they are.

An exception to this is if the job is a large one. Like a whole yard with different individual jobs that need to be put together back at the office and tallied up. This will obviously need a little more time.

Questions? Of course. Ask Away. That’s important for you and the builder.

Make sure you can get your hands on a detailed outline quote before you agree to the job. That will involve something like the outline of the job proposal. Usually send via email. The tasks involved and a breakdown of the costs of labour and materials. Make sure your quote clearly states weather the price can fluctuate based on condition changes and or materials.

If you can get a good flow of communication from the start. That in my eyes is a positive start.

Is Your Canberra Retaining Wall Builder Licensed and insured.

This should be a given, and I’m sure you’re onto this already. Thought Id better through this one in just incase. You never know. Covering yourself with this one will ensure your Canberra retaining wall builder meets the Australian Builders standards or quality work and of course safety.

Making sure all the workers that will be entering your property have their public liability insurance, giving you peace of mind. What this will also do is weed out the doggy builders. If they cannot provide you on the spot proof, think again about that builder. The last thing you want is for you to get yourself into trouble because of their lack of due diligence.  

An example of this that I know of is. There was a young apprentice on the site unattended that was using a power tool. And yep he cut off his finger. And the builder wasn’t covered because he left his apprentice unattended. Not very professional. So if you knew this and noticed it you could point this out. Not that that is your job. But if all the details were in place, this would not happen.


Relevant checks. Just a thought.


This may not need to apply for a retaining wall business as they don’t need to enter your house, but it’s just food for thought. If your unsure on anything this could be an option. And any honest company won’t have an issue going down this path.


Passion For Their Retaining Wall Craft.

Some of the best work usually comes from someone who loves what they do. To do this job you need to enjoy your doing. Being a Canberra retaining wall builder is demanding. But that can be erased when you enjoy what you do. Previous work is a good indicator to this.


Where Is Your Canberra  Retaining Wall Builder Based

This won’t be a big issue in Canberra as you can pretty much cover all areas. But this can be a factor. This is a small issue for Canberra because of the size but It can have a bearing on things in the bigger cities.

So when your looking. Make sure the retaining wall builder is happy to travel. Builders will most often will travel for their work anyway, as I’m sure it’s not too often they will get work close by. Some retaining wall builders will have their boundaries so that’s an important question. But in saying this we are happy to travel where we are needed to go as. This is not a factor with our business.

If you would like to go ahead and get a quote for a retaining wall project you have please feel free to get in touch with us. We’d love to help you build your new retaining wall.