Stone Walls And Rock Retaining Wall Ideas.

So you need to build a retaining wall for your Canberra Property. Whether your building a new home or you have an existing landscaped area you what to finish, we are here to help. Today I want to give you a few other options to consider as an alternative to a concrete sleeper retaining wall or a timber retaining wall. They are both great walls to have, but if you’re looking for other options and your after a rustic type style landscaped area, a rock retaining wall might be worth a look. There’s a few terms used, stone retaining wall or a rock retaining wall, It doesn’t matter they both pretty much mean the same.   If your into the natural landscaped look, I think a stone wall might be a great option. Especially if your going to also landscape the area around the stone wall.   Before we continue you might be thinking your going to need to hire a Canberra stonemason for the job. We’ll us landscapers are very capable of doing a great job as well.

Benefits of a Stone Wall For Your Canberra Property

Any type of stone wall come with many benefits. They are very strong and a durable retaining wall. Being a rock they will last the test of time and will handle the elements better than most. And as I said before. If your after a natural look then, I’m my opinion are the way to go.   Depending on the size of the rocks, Larger rocks of course, the base structure generally holds in place very well. But in saying that they need to be constructed in the right way to ensure they don’t collapse. If your talking boulder retaining walls this would be a great example of what I’m talking about. The smaller the stone wall, things change a little but the structure still applies.   One difference between let’s say a concrete retaining wall and a rock retaining wall is how a rock retaining wall can blend together well with the landscaped area. With a concrete sleeper retaining wall, you first need to build the structure of the wall then fill in behind the wall with soil then landscape the area. Still a great effect though for the right situation. Where as with a rock retaining wall you can blend in the landscape within the rocks, allowing the two to blend in together. You still first need to make sure the rock retaining wall is well built before any other work starts.

What’s Classified As A Stone Retaining Wall Or Rock Retaining Wall.

Depending on the size of the stones or rocks you’ll be using will refer to what it’s called. Stone retaining walls are usually smaller in size and are built with a cement/render product to hold it together and give it that smooth and stylish look. Where as a rock retaining wall uses larger rocks or boulders to form a barrier type structure that will usually be used to hold soil. Either for a garden or lawn.   When it comes to building this type of retaining wall it’s not a matter of dumping a load of rocks down and your good to go. You still need to prepare the footings and plan the structure of the wall to enable good drainage and a solid foundation.   When we discuss the type and size of the rocks your after it will be up to us being the Canberra retaining wall builder to select the right rocks for the best possible rock retaining wall.   When it comes to the type of stone retaining wall you want, it will be up to you the property owner to decide on what you want.

A rustic rock retaining wall will be exactly that, rustic and natural. Allowing you to build a landscaped area around the wall. Very stylish and effective.

You might look into a gabion retaining wall this type of retaining wall has excellent drainage as well as being enclosed within a wire cage. An effective option if your looking for a stand along retaining wall. Not so much if you want a wall to be used as a structure for a landscaped area.   Boulder retaining walls are a bit like the rock retaining walls as they can be used for an effective structure wall. This style gives you the option to have vegetation within the boulders. Over time the vegetation structure will also strengthen the wall.   Then you can have a more of a formal retaining wall where the stone has been cut to give it that smooth and clean structural look. Great for a feature section of landscaped area within your property.   At the end of the day you have plenty of rock retaining wall ideas to get the thoughts flowing. If your after a quote for a retaining wall please get in touch we’d be happy to help you build the rock retaining wall for your Canberra property.