Creating More Outdoor Living Area With A Retaining Wall.

It’s pretty common these days to find yourself with some sort of sloping yard. Whether that’s a slight undulation or an extreme slop. Some look at this as a nightmare while others can see the positives potential a sloping block can offer. And this is where using a retaining wall can come into play.

Why would you use a retaining wall on a sloping block.

There’s a number of reasons you would want to build a retaining wall on a sloped block. The most obvious would be to as the name suggest, retain a section of your land. Using a retaining wall to retain as well as create a section of land that once wasn’t usable is a great way to maximize the usage of your property. It’s a great way to add to the usability of your yard.

Especially if you have a family, you want to use the area to entertain, or you could use the area in conjunction with landscaping to create a wonderful landscaped area. You have a number of options.

What Are My Options

If your going to build a retaining wall. The first point of call would be to get yourself a quote for the job. Get a picture of what your end goal would be. For example. Do you want to create a new leveled out area where you can entertain and enjoy family time? Or do you want to create a landscaped area that is built in to the retaining wall. These are two very different areas that will require very different types of retaining walls.

The first option you’ll most likely want to go for possibly a concrete sleeper retaining wall. This will not only look great but also give you the right structure area to create the new lawn and flat surface you want.

Or if you want to go for the landscaped area where you could create a retaining wall out of rocks and build the garden into the wall. This way you can still create the levelled out area with the new lawn, but also create a stunning landscaped area that will give you a beautiful natural native look.

So when it is time to get yourself a quote at least we will have something to work with. And this way we’re off to a good start.

Another option you might be looking at is simply needing a retaining wall to stabilize your existing land for the sole purpose of building your new house. Whatever the need is, we can definitely help you achieve your outcome.

When it comes to a sloping block there are many variations that will come into play. It might even be the case where the slope is actually on the boundary and you simple need a retaining wall to section off the land.

One thing we specialise in is Canberra retaining walls. We can offer a number of types of retaining walls to suite the style and structure of your property. If it’s a major structural retaining wall you need we can definitely help. Or you need some stability around the house, we are here to help. Some see a sloping yard as a challenge, we see it as an opportunity to create something special and practical.